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KORC Enduro Cross Track

What The Riders Say

Jordan Eccles

Such an awesome day down at the opening day for the KORC Track it is mega will definitely be the place to be in winter 👌🏻👌🏻

Tommy Searle

Couldn't make it to the ride day at KORC today, but tried it out a few weeks back 👌🏻 the guys have worked hard to get it ready for the opening this Thursday make sure you're there

Jamie Jackson

Had a mega day at the promo day for the brand new KORC track. The track rode really well and is so much fun to ride. It lines up really well. Some cool jumps, loop's and banked corner's.

Patrick Major

Feeling some flow at Korc on the last session today! Everyone make sure you get to the track this Saturday.See you there!

Josh Spinks

Really enjoying my riding at the moment, love squeezing all the juice out of a 250! Thanks to KORC for todays invite..

Joe Marston

Mega day at the KORC track! Track layout flowed really well with some massive jumps thrown in to spice things up. Cannot wait to see this place develop over the winter. I will be back up the track again soon.

Kork MX Track Open Day 2016 | HTB FILMS

KORC Enduro Update


The KORC MX track has now been re-designed as a 2km Enduro Cross track. It has the same features as the MX track, but is geared more towards our core customer base of enduro riders.