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KORC operates an open Driving/Riding site, you are advised to familiarise yourself with the areas that you choose to ride observing any demarcation tape arrows and warning signs that are on the site.


Off road driving can be dangerous and the utmost care must be taken by all persons using the site. No liability whatever can attach to K.O.R.C. Limited or any of its Directors, members, employees, agents or marshals for death or injury to any person on this site or damage to or loss of any vehicle or personal property, however such death, injury, damage or loss may be caused and any such liability is hereby expressly excluded. Use of any part or

Parts of the site by any vehicle does not imply that it is safe for any other person to do so.


The following rules apply to all persons using the site:


1. The site is open from 9.00am to 4.00pm Saturdays, 3.30pm Sundays and 3.00pm weekdays (30 minutes earlier start and finish in winter months). Drivers must allow adequate time to ensure they leave the site by closing times.


2. No refund of all or part of the entry fee can be made if a customer’s visit is foreshortened, for any reason.


3. Vehicles using the site must be of safe and sound construction. The management have the right, in their absolute discretion, to scrutineer any vehicle, at any time, and to exclude from the site any vehicle which is considered not to be of sound construction, safe or adequately silenced.


4. The general rule is that all drivers on site must have a full UK driving licence and anyone who does not have such a licence must seek express consent of the management, in their discretion. The management have the right to inspect driving documentation. Drivers are reminded that their normal insurance may not cover for off-road driving.


5. Drivers must not be under the influence of or partake of any alcoholic drink or drugs.


6. Seat belts or harnesses must be worn at all times by all occupants of a vehicle in motion, who must be seated in purpose built seating. No standing in or on a vehicle in motion is permitted.


7. Any child under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.


8. There is a 15m.p.h. speed limit on the site's main route and 5 mph on the campsite and car parks.Vehicles must be driven with primary regard to safety, with consideration for others, and responsibly.

10. Racing of vehicles is absolutely prohibited.


11. Drivers are solely responsible for judging the capability of their vehicles and their own driving skills and experience. Drivers should not attempt to drive any part of the site which is or may be beyond the capabilities of themselves and/or of their vehicles. Drivers expressly have sole responsibility for any person/persons that they allow to be carried in their vehicle/vehicles. Inspection of the terrain on foot before driving and/or the use of a “spotter” (an assistant guiding) is considered good practice. If in any doubt, don’t go there is the rule, even if others have gone before you.


12. Any vehicle which becomes immobilised (whether broken down or stuck) should be notified to a marshal and, marshals can be contacted via C.B. radio (channel 10), mobile telephone number 07568587841 or at the gatehouse/office.

13. Directions given by a marshal must be followed.


14. Marshals may give advice or guidance on various aspects of driving or winching on the site, but any liability for any injury to person or damage to vehicles arising out of such advice or guidance is expressly excluded


15. If requested, marshals will endeavour to extricate a vehicle which is stuck, but any liability for injury to persons or damage to vehicles or property on any marshal so advising is expressly excluded.


16. If any obstacle cannot be negotiated after a maximum of four attempts, it must be abandoned to avoid the obstruction of others or damage to the site.


17. Fuel must be stored in a suitable and safe container. Spare fuel must not be carried whilst driving off road. Refuelling must be carried out in a safe manner, in designated parking areas only.


18. Certain areas of this site may be operated on a one-way system, which must be respected. They will be signed Green for Entry and Red for Exit. The lack of one-way marking on any part of this site does not imply that it is necessarily

Safe to drive both ways.


19. Any parts which fall off, or are removed from a vehicle must be taken off site by the owner.


20. There are no automatic vehicle storage facilities on site and any vehicle left on site shall be entirely at the owner’s risk. Any vehicle which management consider to have been abandoned can be disposed of by them for scrap.


20a. Vehicles stored on site under the company’s storage policy are not covered by the company insurance policy and customers using this facility are advised to make adequate provision for the cover of their property left on the company’s premises.


21. Consideration for the amenity of local residents must be given at all times, particularly when approaching or leaving the site.


22. Every effort must be made not to deposit mud on the highway from vehicles leaving the site.


23. Spectators (whether on foot or in a non-paying vehicle) are not permitted access to the site generally and must remain within the designated spectator area or the refreshment area. All people visiting the site must adhere to all signs and notices for their safety.


24. Dogs are not encouraged on the site, any present must be kept on a lead at all times. 25. These rules may be changed by management at any time.

26.A marshal / Steward or any other member of K.O.R.C. may warn or exclude any person from the site (temporarily or permanently) if he or she believes that a person has committed a breach (or series of breaches) of any of these rules or has otherwise behaved in a dangerous or inappropriate manner.


SUPPLEMENTARY SITE RULES for Quad-bikes, motorcycles and motor-tricycles

(Referred to in these rules as “machines”)


These site rules are in addition to the general site rules. If any of these rules should conflict with the general site rules, then these supplementary site rules shall prevail. In the interpretation of the general site rules with respect to these rules the words “driver” and “vehicle” shall where appropriate mean “rider” and “machine” respectively.


DISCLAIMER -No liability whatever can attach to K.O.R.C Limited or any of its Directors, member, Employees, Agents or Marshalls for death or injury to any person on this site, or damage to or loss of any vehicle, machine or personal property, however such death, injury, damage or loss may be caused and any such liability is hereby expressly excluded. Use of any part or parts of the site by any machine does not imply that it is safe to do so. By taking part I accept the risks involved including injury or death



1. Road legal crash helmets, properly secured, shall be worn at all times by every rider and passenger of a machine in motion.

2. No machine shall be ridden on by more persons than the number it is properly constructed to carry, on securely fitted seats.

3. Machines must be ridden with total regard to safety, sensibly and not in a dangerous manner.

4. Racing, aggressive riding and/or any sort of competition between machines is totally prohibited.

5. Machines must be ridden at all times in a responsible manner and at a slow speed.

6. Machines brought onto the site must be in a sound, safe and adequately silenced condition at all times. Any machine which becomes unsafe or inadequately silenced whilst on the site shall not be used, unless and until it is properly repaired. Machines coming onto the site will be inspected on entry to ensure that they comply with this rule.

7. Machines must not be revved to any extent greater than that which is reasonably necessary to surmount any obstacle on the site.

8. The following areas are strictly out of bounds for any machine:

8.1 The area 50 metres in width at the Southerly end of the site running in an Easterly direction from the entrance gate.

8.2 The whole of the elevated camp-site plateau.

9. Any rider of a machine who is under the age of 16 must at all times be accompanied by and supervised by a responsible adult over the age of 21, who must at all times be either a passenger on the machine being ridden by the child or riding a machine in close proximity to that being ridden by the child. Any representative of KORC shall be entitled to require proof of age of any rider or supervisor whom he believes may be under the requisite age and to exclude from the site any person who is unable to produce valid proof of age.

10. If any machine is required by a KORC representative to display a number or any other distinguishing mark, such mark must be displayed and kept clean at all times.

11. To protect the amenity of local residents, customers using the site must approach it and depart from it slowly, quietly and in a manner which cannot be considered to be a nuisance, annoyance or danger to the occupiers of properties within the locality of the site.

12. Consumption of alcohol or the use of controlled drugs by any rider or passenger on a machine is absolutely prohibited.

13. Use of a machine on the site shall be deemed to constitute notice of and an unconditional agreement to be bound by these rules.

14. Any machine found on site whose rider is unable to produce proof of having paid admission to the site will be required to immediately pay the full days admission fee or, in default, shall be immediately excluded from the site.