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Bikes & Quads        £30

Second Rider          £25.

4X4  Off Road         £30

Children Under 11  £25



Can't wait for the next Pay & Play day?

Just turn up, Pay & Play. OR call at least 24hrs before you want to come - 07568 587841 or 07969 787208.How easy can it be to have some serious fun?

The KORC Sport Mountain Bike Centre & Motorsports Track NOW CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


These products are unique in the market and are available now to our members.


✅ Our policies are immediate acceptance regardless of pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

✅ No ratings for occupation.

✅ No ratings for pre-existing medical conditions.

✅ No ratings for sports or hazardous pursuits.

✅ Guaranteed premiums (same price regardless of age).

✅ The Policies are tailored to self-employed persons at claim stage.

✅ Waiting periods include ‘Benefits Paid from Day 1’.

✅ Lump sums for accidental death and fractures included at no additional cost.


The plans are designed to cover everyone regardless of whether they have pre-existing health conditions or not. They cover those that participate in sports at all levels and they cover all sports.


One plan for those who participate in Motorsports and one plan for those who do not.


Each plan is immediate acceptance and combines 3 great benefits into 1 unique plan:


✅ Income Protection

✅ Fracture Lump Sum Pay-outs

✅ Accidental Death


so you will be protected should you lose an income, sustain a fracture or if you die.


The plans are the same cost whether you are 18 or 70 and never increases with age.


You can buy online now at https://korcinsurance.co.uk/ 


or speak to team member at the track.

We accept everyone during the week and weekends unless we have a designated event on. Camping is available 6 days a week with 48 hours notice. Camping not available Sunday night. We are closed Mondays - except Bank Holidays.

Open 08:30 - 17:00 Track Times 9am-3pm Tuesday Friday

Weekend Winter Hours Saturday 9am-3.30pm Sunday 9am - 3pm

Exclusive use of the facility is available for promotional, corporate events, vehicle testing and development.

HI Folks,

Here at KORC Sport we are always looking for ways to add value for our customers. We take every opportunity to make your experience here as safe as possible, but accidents do occasionally happen. We have seen first hand how accidents can impact upon a person's lifestyle.

To that end we have teamed up with PP to bring out our

own range of unique income protection insurance.  These will provide protection anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365, not just when you are a guest here. The products give you peace of mind and you are eligible even if you have a pre-existing condition and cover all sports.

Each policy combines 3 great benefits into 1 unique plan - Income protection up to £1500 per month, Fracture sums up to £1500, accidental death payout up to £25000. If you are between 18-69, you are eligible for cover. Cover starts from as little as £9.99 per month.  John Stones Managing Director

Mountain Bike Trails



4x4 ONLY                  £35

Bikes & Quads           £35

Second Rider             £25


Camping  £10 per unit